COOL MOMS is here to welcome you!

We all need other MOMS, regardless of whether you call yourself MOM, Mother or Mommy. COOL MOMS was created by MOMS, for MOMS, who know that motherhood is a journey in itself – exciting and challenging, but also rewarding. We MOMS, therefore, need to find a place where we can be inspired and equipped to help us on our motherhood journey. Welcome to COOL MOMs!

As the founder and CEO of COOL MOMS I can say that I understand. I understand the late nights and silly moments. I also get the fear. And the deep, profound love that comes with being a mother. As a mom of five children, I’m passionate about keeping life simple. I am aware of my important role, and I want every moment with my children to be memorable. I want to encourage you to get into your “Mom Zone” and take charge of your family.

We all need each other, regardless of whether we call ourselves Mom, Mother or Mama. This website is for moms who want to be motivated, equipped and connected while we embark on this journey of motherhood together. Welcome to COOL MOTHERS!


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