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Parenting Tips: A Guide to Assisting Your Child with Organization

Every parent knows how difficult it can be to keep their kids organized. Toys can be thrown around like they’ve just been hit by a tornado. Clothes can disappear and then reappear, like the spirits from a Harry Potter film. Everything from books to backpacks has a tendency of running away. It’s nearly impossible to organize our children’s stuff in the face of such unrelenting disorder. While there are many apps and “helpful” books dedicated to bringing some order to the chaos, the simplest solution can often be the most effective.

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Let’s begin with clothing. It’s a familiar feeling for parents to see a mountainous pile of shirts and socks, pants and jackets, and wonder what to do with them. If you have multiple children, it can be even more difficult to keep track of who has what. Iron-on labels are a great solution for parents who do not want to waste hours trying to determine who owns the Paw Patrol tee. Although labels are not new, they tend to be boring. What if you could make labels more interesting and fun so that kids pay attention? Parents can now design colorful and fun labels to iron directly on clothes. They are not only beautiful, but also take the guesswork out figuring out what clothing goes where.


Stick-on labels can be used if you do not want to iron labels on your children’s clothes. The concept is almost identical: Parents can upload images their children will enjoy and create custom stickers that are durable enough to survive multiple washings and dryings. This is great for family vacations where there are no usual organization systems, such as shelves or closets.

Book labels are another great parenting tip. It’s not new to identify books by writing the child’s name inside the cover. is a new concept in that parents can print out stickers with their child’s names and fun images to get kids interested. It’s especially helpful for young children who may not yet know how to write or read their names. This method is great if you have ever had to sort through books to determine which ones you own, which ones your children’s friends own, and which need to be returned to the library. The good news is, parents don’t need to order hundreds to start. Digital printing has made it possible to eliminate the minimum order requirement. This makes it easier for customers to create labels that appeal to children of any age. Vinyl stickers are also removable.

Parents are faced with unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 Pandemic. They must educate their children at home, and they do not have access to daycare services or babysitting. Many parents are struggling to adjust to the “new norm” which is anything but ordinary. We face many challenges, including getting our children to wear masks. It’s not surprising that kids remove masks whenever possible. By using iron-on labels and decals, families can transform functional masks into fun, personal statements. This is important, especially for children who have to wear masks in school, during class or when playing sports.

Even the most organized parent cannot prevent the chaos that is inevitable when you have children. By taking some creative steps to reduce the stress of organizing, we can all make our daily lives a bit easier. In these tough times, this is even more important.

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