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Achieving Work-Life Balance: 8 Tips and Tricks for Career-Driven Parents

Now, more mothers than ever before are working. According to Center for American Progress at least four out of ten homes have moms who are also working mothers. Working as a mom while also being a working mother can leave mothers feeling stressed and guilty.

It is not easy to be a mother and juggle both a career and a family. To be a mom and have a career, you need to plan ahead, organize yourself, and find a balance between work and parenting. It is possible to ensure that both your career and family thrive.

Here are some tips to help you achieve your ideal balance between work and family.

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1. Do not let guilt take hold of you

It’s not helpful to you to dwell on the fact that you aren’t there for your family. This will make it harder for you feel at peace with your career and parenting. Concentrate on how your career benefits your family. Working can benefit your child in many ways. You could save money for college, or provide them with educational opportunities.

Priorities should be a priority in the present. It’s important to accept your choices. Your choices will bring you good and bad days, but you should remember that working doesn’t make you a bad mother. You are not the only mom who has returned to work or is balancing being a mother with working.

2. Family calendars can help you stay organized

Finding balance begins with determining your priorities as a family. You can get organized by using a family calendar. You can use it to stay organized and be aware of upcoming events.

Include important dates in your family calendar, like the due date of bills. The kids can stay on track with a chore chart. Include any important dates, such as birthdays and extracurricular activities for your children. Also, include any other events that you or your family may want to add. Google Calendars is a great way to stay in sync with your family. You can sync and share it easily on your smartphone.

Consider spending some time with your family to go over the week before it begins. You can avoid any unpleasant surprises by setting aside 15 to 20 minutes each week to prepare and review the schedule. Consider creating a family command center in your house that contains important documents, papers, etc. These 6 Family Command Centers will help you keep your family organized .

3. Speak to your employer

You should speak with your employer about your concerns. Be sure to have a plan in writing before meeting them. If possible, be as honest and open-minded as you can and offer alternative solutions. Ask about flexible arrangements before you accept a new position if this is your first job. Ask yourself two questions before accepting a new job: “How long can I be away?” and “How many days will I get paid?” Also, discuss any short-term disability benefits or vacation/sick leave to cover your absence from work.

4. Stay connected at work

Keeping in touch with your children during the day will help you to balance work and family. Give your kids a call during your work break. You can get through your workdays by hearing their voices. They will also feel comforted knowing that you are thinking about them. If you’re going to be late or miss an event, consider sending them a note or small charm like their favorite sweet.

5. Mornings can be made easier for the whole family

You will feel less frazzled if you start your day off right. You can simplify your mornings by getting organized the evening before.

6. Enjoy time with your family

Even on weekends, it is important to make time for family. It is important to spend time with your family because it allows you all to get closer and even helps strengthen the bond between members. Family night board games and movies can be a great way to make your family feel closer ( Create Fun Family Games Nights). Consider making some delicious snacks to enjoy with your family. ( Simple and Quick Snacks For Family Time).

7. Join your partner

You should also remember to nurture the relationship you have with your partner. Plan monthly date nights for you and your partner to spend quality time without children. Your marriage or partnership will be more exciting if you nurture your relationship with your partner.

8. Do not forget to take time out for yourself

Be sure to include some time for you when planning your balance between work and parenting. You can recharge your batteries by taking a break and taking care of yourself. If you feel drained, it is impossible to be a good parent or spouse. You can indulge in things you like, like reading a good book or going to a spa. Exercise regularly to maintain your health and eat healthy. Don’t neglect your sleep either!

What are your tips for balancing being a mother who works and being a parent at the same time? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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