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12 Essential Kitchen Hacks You Need to Know

Saving time in the cooking is something that I’ve always thought was a must for moms. I am always looking for ways to make my time in the kitchen more efficient and easier. I bet you do as well, moms!

When I started cooking family meals many years ago for my growing family I always felt like a chef. I always wished to find ways to simplify the time spent in the kitchen.

Today, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite kitchen time-saving tips. It doesn’t matter if you are cleaning, cooking, or buying groceries. These are tips that I’ve used countless times over the years or just recently discovered.

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These 12 kitchen tips will help you save valuable time!

1. Kitchen Shears

I keep a small drawer of kitchen shears in my kitchen. These are the best kitchen tools for moms. They can be used in so many ways! You can use them to cut up sandwiches, meat, pancakes, green bean, pizza, and bacon into bite-sized pieces. Try using kitchen shears instead of a knife to see if you can simplify your life.

2. No more scrubbing pots and pans

You might think it impossible. You can do it. Add some vinegar to water and place it back on the heat. Bring the water and vinegar mixture to a boil. Once you have poured out the vinegar and water mixture, it will be easy to remove any stuck-on food.

3. Cleaning Sponges

Your sponges always have an odd smell? Or do they feel dirty and grimy to you? Then you throw them away and buy new ones. You don’t need to do that anymore.

Place your sponges in the silverware drawer or the top rack of your dishwasher to keep them clean and fresh. Your sponges will be cleaned and sanitized when you run your dishwasher.

4. Fry Free Bacon

This trick was taught to me many years ago at a Pampered Chef party. I learned it without having to fry bacon in a skillet. You will need a cookie sheet or a jellyroll with an edge. Place the bacon strips onto the cookie sheet. To avoid a mess, I prefer to place the parchment paper on the cookie sheet before placing the bacon strips. Then I’ll set the oven to 375 degrees, and cook the bacon until it is cooked to my liking.

5. Perfect Pancakes

Blend your pancake mixture in a blender. This way, for some reason, always feels like my pancakes will be fluffier. Let me know if it works for you!

6. Slicing Olives

It can be a tedious task to slice olives. Use an egg slicer to slice olives. You can slice more than one at a given time.

7. Keep Your Ice Cream Fresh

Have you ever opened your ice-cream container to find that it is covered in freezer burnt? Here’s what you can do if this happens to your ice cream container.

Scoop out the burned ice cream. The ice-cream underneath should be still edible. Put a sheet of plastic or wax paper over the ice cream tub and seal it by pressing the plastic or wax paper inside. Then, put back the lid and let some of the ice cream hang over the sides.

8. Fresh Lettuce

How do you maintain the freshness of your lettuce? It seems like my lettuce is going bad very quickly. After washing your lettuce, wrap it in dry clean paper towels and store it in a resealable bag in your refrigerator.

9. Flavored Whip cream

This is a great activity for your kids, especially in the summer! This is how you do it.

  1. Whip cream using a carton
  2. Add two tablespoons flavored Jell O
  3. Beat the cream slowly until it is fluffy and light.

10. Microwave Cleaning

Are you having trouble cleaning your microwave because of all the food stains? The walls get covered in splatters and splatters of food that is being heated or cooked. How can you clean up the mess?

  1. Put a bowl in the microwave with half a lemon and a cup of water.
  2. Turn on the microwave for a few minutes, until the microwave begins to steam and moisten.
  3. Remove the microwaveable bowl.
  4. Remove the gunk and foot stains from inside.
  5. Your microwave will also smell great!

11. No Sticky Oil

Pour your oil or sugar into your measuring cup, then rinse it in hot water. If you do this, the oil or syrup won’t stick to your measuring cup.

12. Keep Celery Fresh

How to keep celery fresher for longer

  1. Was your celery before you eat it?
  2. Cut off the ends, and then chop the pieces to the size you like.
  3. Place it in a container filled with ice cold water
  4. Place the container in the fridge and then cover it.

Now your celery will stay fresh for several days!


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