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15 Clever Ways Moms Can Utilize Their Cell Phones

I learned a few years ago that the camera on my phone could help me be more organized in my daily life and while I was traveling.

It has come in handy so many times to take a photo of something. You can use a picture to help you find a lost luggage, or if you don’t know the brand and need to provide detailed information. You can save a lot of trouble by taking a photo before your trip. You may forget what the rental car looked like. This is especially true if the rental cars are the same color as the ones in the parking lot. You may need a certain item of clothing or accessories but are unsure if it will go with the item.

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I have some ideas about how to use your phone’s camera to store important information that you need to access quickly when you need it. This will help you be a better organized mom. Here are some mom uses for your cell phone!

1. Travel Confirmation

You can easily access your travel confirmations by taking pictures. No more scrolling through endless emails to find the travel confirmations of your airline tickets, hotels and rental cars. You can create a document quickly and take a photo of it.

2. Family Pictures

Take a quick picture of the entire family before you enter a busy place, like an amusement park. It’s great to have a picture of your family in case someone gets lost, especially if there are small children. This will help you locate the missing family member. You can now show staff and security what they were wearing on that particular day.

3. Home Decorating

Do you want to redecorate your home or add some new decor? You can use your own home as a guide for home decor. Take a photo of the space you want to decorate, the colors you use, and the decorations you have in the room. Then, when you go shopping, you can refer to that picture to determine if the decor you would like to buy will actually match the image.

4. Beauty Products

You may forget the name or color of a beauty product you’re looking for, but you know you have to replenish your stock. Take a photo of the product you want to restock on so you can find it quickly at the store.

5. Christmas Decor

Why not take photos of your decorations, especially for Christmas? This is something I enjoy doing with my collection of Christmas Village Houses. This helps me to set everything up quickly, especially when I have several shelves full during the holidays.

6. Parking Lots

It’s sometimes easy to forget where your car is parked. To remember where you parked, take a quick picture. This is great for when you rent a car, as it can be difficult to remember which car you are renting if other cars in the lot are white or red. This is a great idea for places you don’t know or have a lot parking. For example, parking garages. You can take a photo of the garage floor.

7. Clothing Needs

It can be difficult to remember if a shirt or pants you need to purchase matches another item. Take pictures of your clothes instead of trying to recall. This will allow you to compare them and determine if the shirt, pants or jacket you want is what you’re looking for. Take pictures of the items you want to buy to help you remember how they look.

8. Driver’s license

It is always a smart idea to snap a photo of your license in case it gets lost while you are on vacation. The picture will be on your phone for you to use when needed.

9. Passport

Take pictures of not only your passport but those of each member of your family. It is useful for identifying yourself in the event that you lose your passport while traveling.

10. Information about Credit Cards

Take pictures of all your cards. When we travel, my family and I take pictures of all our cards so that we can report lost or stolen credit card information to the credit card companies.

11. Recipes

You may want to make a recipe that you saw in a magazine. Take a quick photo with your phone. You have it right at your fingertips. Later, you can write it down and add it to your collection of recipes.

12. Advertisements

Sometimes I take a photo of an advertisement, be it for a product or event I’m interested in. It’s a great way to remember what I want to purchase. It helps me to have all of the information I need for an event right on my phone. Snap a photo instead of writing down everything!

13. Prescriptions

How many prescriptions do we have left? We forget the number or the name of the prescription. You call the pharmacy, and they ask for your prescription number. But you can’t remember it. You can take a photo of your prescription to keep it on your phone. You can also let new doctors know which prescriptions you’re currently taking.

14. Shopping List

You sometimes forget to bring your shopping list home? Sometimes I leave it on my counter. My family also uses a whiteboard to write on it when they are in need of something or if we’re running low on a particular item. I often forget to add what’s on my whiteboard to the shopping list.

You can also ask someone at home who is nearby to snap a quick photo of your shopping list or whiteboard for you. You can take a photo of your shopping list if you ever lose it, or leave it in the car when shopping.

15. Replacement Parts

How many times have you needed to purchase replacement light bulbs, ink cartridges, or other items and you had to know what information was on them, or the size? You can take a quick picture to get the information you need instead of writing down the details or taking the item into the store. When you arrive at the store, you will know what you want to buy instead of wasting time guessing.

Our cellphone cameras help us to be better organized as mothers. I would love to know what pictures you have taken with your cellphone to simplify your daily life. Comment below and let me know!

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