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Productive and Practical: Tips for Working from Home with Children

It is likely that the idea of working at home with your children sounds terrifying, but it’s now a reality for most of us. Social distancing is becoming more serious as schools close and remote workplaces are being implemented. As a result of the outbreak of coronavirus, many people are now required to stay at home for 2-4 weeks to limit their exposure to the outside.

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You will be juggling work, emails and deadlines while your kids demand attention all the time. Don’t panic, it will feel like there is a circus in your house while you are stuck at home. You can still get your work done while you are at home with the family during this coronavirus epidemic.

You can work at home and still have a family!

Create an Workday Routine

A routine for your workday will keep you on track and focused. A schedule with a fixed time is a good idea. It’s no different to set a fixed time for your home office.

Make a cup at home if you enjoy a special beverage to start the day, such as coffee or tea. You can also incorporate familiar routines from your work. You will be able to work more consistently and stay accountable for your work.

Speak to your boss about your working hours. How many hours should you work per day while working remotely? If you have children at home, your employer will understand and be aware of the need for a non-traditional schedule.

For school-age children, a set schedule will be beneficial. Your child may have to complete online activities depending on their level of education, for example high schoolers. Be sure to keep track of your own child’s schooling at this time. You can set your schooling schedule along with your working hours. These resources can help your child keep their mind sharp even if they don’t have a current curriculum.

Boost Your Work and Parenting

During this time, it’s easy to let your work and parenting roles intertwine. You may feel overwhelmed if you don’t separate yourself.

If possible, set up an office. This will help you to detach yourself from the chaos of the house. You can make a list if you don’t have an area where you can work in peace, such as a room you can shut the door on. Walk away from your desk and leave the list. You should disable your work role when you leave the list.

Planning for interruptions

It is impossible to plan a perfect day. You may be interrupted when you are trying to finish a project due on that day, or during an important conference call. You might feel frustrated by the interruption, but it is possible to prepare for such a situation.

Let your child know when you want some quiet time. You can use something to tell your children that they are not to interrupt you or make noise if you’re on the phone, unless there is an urgent situation. You can put up a sign if you are working in a room that has a closed door. This will tell them not to disturb you. Tie a ribbon to the door for younger children and explain what it means.

You might not be able do this with younger children, like toddlers. Ask to reschedule a call if your toddler starts fussing while you’re on the phone.

Use Sleep Time to your Advantage

Sleep is important but it may be the only way you can get some extra work done before your kids wake up. A bedtime earlier than 7pm is ideal for young children. You can use the extra time to get more done or do some chores. Consider using a baby monitor to check on your children while they sleep.

Take a Break

After a period of work, take a short break. You will be able to maintain your concentration. Work for 30 minutes to 1 hour, then take a five- or 10-minute break.

Step away from your workstation when it’s lunchtime. Get away from your computer for 30 minutes to an hour during the day. You can have a lunch with your kids or even connect with them.

Go with the Flow

You may be in a completely new environment when you work from home. You may find yourself in a situation that you can’t fix. You might find yourself in a situation where you cannot fix it. It can be frustrating when these things happen. But take a deep breathe and remain calm. Find a solution for the problem.

Try to have a positive attitude and follow the flow.

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