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Low-Cost Date Night Ideas for Couples on a Budget

Many of my mom and married friends told me that they no longer go on dates when I got married and had a baby. I was surprised to learn that date nights had become too expensive. They just couldn’t afford date nights anymore. Some even claimed they didn’t have the time because of their children.

When was the last date you went on with your spouse, just you two?

When we get busy, it’s easy to forget about our marriages. Everyone is busy these days. There is hardly time for everything between work, family and social obligations. You may also think that going on dates costs a lot of money.

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Dating while married is important, and it does not have to cost a lot.

You can spend some time alone with your spouse by dating while married. Date nights are a great way to strengthen or rekindle the spark in your relationship, as well as relieve stress. You shouldn’t worry about breaking your budget because there are many benefits to dating.

Here are some budget-friendly date night ideas!

You don’t need to spend money

You don’t need to spend much money on dates. You can do many things without spending money. We like to explore new places together. We love to explore new places together and go for a stroll. You can have a good conversation and spend time together.

You can save money by going on dates that don’t cost anything. You can walk anywhere. This is something we love to do when it’s warm. Other free dates include bike rides, the library, museums, and local free events.

DIY Dates

Eating out is a big expense when you are on a date. You can cook your own food at home. Pack a picnic, and take it to the beach or park near you for a fun idea. This idea is also great because you get to decide what you want. You might want to cook a new dish together or simply want something easy for your date.

Coupon Dates

I love to search for coupons online. I search online for coupon deals. groupon is one of my favorite sites to use when looking for great deals. Coupons can be found in the local newspaper. Sign up to receive current offers from your favorite restaurants via email or the post.

Some restaurants offer a deal whereby if you purchase their gift cards, you will receive an additional card free of charge. Yesterday, I saw that Panera was advertising that if you bought a $50 gift certificate you would get a free $10 gift card. This is a savings of 20% on my Panera meal.

Cheap Dates

Here are some ideas for dates that you can have without spending too much money.

  • Ice dream date
  • Dessert date
  • Coffee date
  • Enjoy a meal with your friends

Dates At Home

You can have a date with your partner at home if childcare is a problem. If your children are young, you can put them to bed earlier. You can watch a movie together, play games, have a candlelight meal, or read a book. The ultimate goal of any activity is to spend quality time together. You can both enjoy each other’s company by doing something fun.

I Can’t afford a Babysitter

Babysitters are expensive, particularly if you have more children. We were both on a budget and had the best set-up to go out on dates. We decided to babysit each other’s children so that we could have our own date with our spouses. We decided to go on double dates and split the cost of babysitting. These double dates were a lot of fun. You can also ask your family or friends for help.

It’s important to keep dating while you are married. My marriage and raising five children with my wife were greatly improved. Our marriage flourished because of the craziness. These date nights on budget are a great way to help moms who may be struggling with finding ways to have dates and still stay within their budget. Plan these dates. It’s fine if you do it once a week. Consistency and regular date nights will strengthen your relationship.

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