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Slash Your Grocery Expenses in Half with These Easy Tips

The total bill at the check-out was something I always feared when going to the supermarket. I felt that my bank account was hanging by a thread with a large family and five hungry kids. But I did find some easy ways to save money when grocery shopping.

Saving money on food is something that I believe every mother should know. You can easily incorporate the many tips and resources available to you into your grocery shopping. You don’t need to feel broke after grocery shopping.

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Here are some tips on how to reduce your grocery bill by half!

Shop in More than One Store

It may save you time, but not money. Check out local grocery stores for deals on the items you need to buy. Shop at multiple stores to save a lot of money.

Eat Seasonally

When you buy food in season, you get the best price and the best taste. Start by familiarizing yourself with the crops that grow in your area at this time of year. Also, you can stock up on fresh farm products at your local farmers’ market! It’s also a great way to introduce your family to new foods.

Don’t forget: Many fruits and vegetables freeze well. Buy a few extras and store them for later.

Shop Less

Avoid grocery shopping unless absolutely necessary. This will reduce the temptation to purchase unnecessary items. Plan your weekly or monthly meals in advance. Then you can easily buy everything at once.

Keep to your grocery list

Do not go to the supermarket blindly. Plan ahead by creating a shopping list. Keep to your plan! Only buy what you really need to.

Start Couponing

Check your local supermarkets for the coupon deals of that week. Most of the time, you can find great deals and plan your meals for that week.

Buy food in their cheapest form

You can find a few different foods that are cheaper to buy in their original form rather than a can. Dried beans, for example, are cheaper than canned. A head of lettuce costs less than a bagged version.


You see a great deal on something that you purchase regularly. Store them in your home. This is another way to save money.

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