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What to Buy Secondhand for Your Baby: A Guide to Essential and Avoidable Items

The excitement of finding out that you are pregnant is overpowering until you begin to think about the costs associated with your first child.

The list of baby products is endless. Who can resist cute clothes and the latest toys? You can also find an endless list of baby items to buy.

There are several ways to reduce your expenses if you’re expecting a child and are worried about the state of your bank account. Parents often shop at consignment shops, buy second-hand goods, or use Facebook groups to find bargains.

Is it safe and the best option to buy used baby items to save money?

There are some used baby products that can pose a danger to your child’s safety. However, there are other items that you can purchase used without worry. You can buy used baby products without having to worry about your baby’s safety.

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Used Baby Items Available


When you have a newborn, buying used clothes is a great way to save money. Baby clothes are usually not the same size for longer than a few months. You may be tempted to buy your baby the latest and most adorable clothing, but you should consider buying used clothes.


You can also buy second-hand toys. New toys are expensive, and your child will outgrow them. Check that the toy is in good condition by looking for loose or chipped pieces.


If it still has the correct pieces, you can buy a second-hand highchair. Check that it has a safety restraint, a 5-point harness and locking wheels. Check that it also meets the current safety standards.

Swing or rocker

Baby equipment like swings and rockers are expensive. You may not know whether this item of baby equipment is right for you. It can be a lifesaver to some moms, while it may be an expensive piece of baby equipment that the baby does not want to use.

You can buy second-hand baby swings and rockers on Facebook groups that swap and sell items locally. You might be able to find one in great condition if you search on Facebook groups. You can also ask your mother friends if they have one.


Many moms have never used these, but many others love them. You may want to consider a used changing table instead, as new ones can be quite expensive.

Baby Monitor

A new baby monitor is expensive. A Wi-Fi baby monitor that also has video monitors and tracks your child’s movements will cost you well over $100. You can check with mom friends, consignment shops, online groups, and local stores to see if they have one. You can find used baby monitors for a lot less than brand new ones.

Baby Bathtub

If you purchase a used bathtub for your baby, you can save between $30 and $40. When you buy a used bathtub, make sure to wash it and disinfect it prior to giving your child a bath.


You can save a lot of money by investing in a used baby stroller. This will allow you to spend that money on other essential items for your child. It’s fine to buy a used stroller as long as it meets the safety standards.

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Baby items You shouldn’t buy used

Breast Pump

Breast pumps can be a valuable purchase for women who are breastfeeding and are thinking of returning to work, or simply want to breastfeed only their newborn baby.

It can be expensive to buy these, so it is tempting to purchase one that has been used. The interior of the pump is where mold and bacteria grow. It can be very dangerous to your baby. You can buy a brand new breast pump and not have to worry that you are putting your baby at risk by pumping your breast milk.

Car Seats

The car seat is constantly evolving and changing. The car seat standards last year may not be the same as the ones next year. When it comes to buying items for your child, a new seat is the one thing you should spend money on.


As with car seats, crib safety standards change over time. You may find some damaged or missing parts in a used crib that the seller was not aware of. Consider a mini-crib if you’re worried about the cost of a crib. It will save you money and take up less room. Consider co-sleeping as another option.

Infant Carrier

A baby carrier is a great way to save your life and that of your newborn. You’ll find yourself carrying your child more than you thought in the first couple of weeks. They are also very useful if you need to do things around the house or have other children who need your attention.

You should avoid buying a used baby carrier as they are frequently recalled. You should check that the straps, closures and the carrier are in good working order before you purchase a used or new one.

Bottles & Pacifiers

Over time, the materials used in bottles and pacifiers can become damaged due to exposure or wear.

The rubber pieces may become too worn out and separate from the base of the pacifier in your baby’s lips. It can become a choking risk for your child. Even the manufacturers of baby bottles recommend that you replace your bottle nipples after 3-4 months due to wear and tear.

You should buy these items brand new as they are the cheapest!

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