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Nurturing Emotional Intelligence in Toddlers

Parenting is an adventure. This adventure includes figuring out how to teach toddlers emotions.

Put on your confidence-protective gear and conquer this journey. A parent is the first teacher of a child and his or her closest friend. Use loving and understanding methods to teach your children.

Let us prepare you for the challenge of dealing with turbulent emotions. A checklist is essential for every successful trip.

Here’s a little something to help you out! You won’t be able to forget this that begins with the vowels E, I O and U.

Recognize & Teach Toddlers about Emotions

Children learn more from example than explanations. Take a deep breath and try to control your reaction when you see a child having a nervous breakdown. When your child has an emotional outburst, do not react or scream. Prepare yourself to face it with poise and determination.

You cannot solve the problem by expressing anger or disappointment. Take this opportunity to learn about their feelings and be positive. Validate the child’s understanding of life, which is different from ours.

Empathize with Your Toddler

What emotions is your child experiencing? Parents must be able to understand their child’s feelings and the circumstances in which they are living. That’s empathy! It may be difficult for the child’s to explain unmet needs such as support and security. It is the parent’s responsibility to identify and meet those needs prior to mentoring a child.

According to child development experts, toddlers exhibit a variety of emotional reactions, including kicking, biting and screaming. They may also fight, lay on the floor, ignore their parents, or even kick.

Teaching toddlers to understand emotions doesn’t have to be a punishment. toddlers need empathy in order to understand the unmet needs or feelings. You should not try to distract them or make them silent. This will not satisfy their emotional needs. Empathy will give your baby the assurance she needs that you’re with her during the turbulent times.

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Help toddlers understand emotions

Tantrums in toddlers are not an indication that you have not raised your child properly. The world can be a rough place for little ones who are still learning its subtleties. Eventually, every child will pass through this stage. The parent’s job is to anchor them and prepare them for this stage.

Recognizing the cause of your child’s behavior is crucial to teaching them how to regulate emotions. Is your child frustrated because you didn’t keep a promise? Could it be anger? Wait until they release it. They can count to a certain number until they feel better. Take similar steps and teach your child to breathe deeply. To be on the same page as them, do it together.

Show Your Support Before You Teach Toddlers about Emotions

Hold their hands, get down on their level, look them in the eye and let them know you’re there to help them. Let them cry out their feelings instead of stifling them. This will help them heal and teach them how to soothe themselves, even when they are adults.

Use sentences like, “I accept your disappointment. I’m here to help .”

You are upset because you didn’t get what you wanted. “I want to make you happy”. Avoid arguing or teaching if a child seems to be upset. When they seem calmer, speak up. If the child asks for it, embrace them and show love. Do not take the child’s “Go away” or hitting you personally.

Remember that you’re the safe haven, and your toddler is going through a difficult time. You can reassure your child by saying “I know that you love me and you didn’t mean to hurt my feelings.” You can tell your child that you are there for them, even if they don’t want you to be.

Calmness is the Key to Enjoying Toddlerhood

Allowing your toddler to express their emotions is a great way to bring calm.

Don’t worry about the judgement of other family members regarding your choices for your child. Remember to keep your cool by paying no attention to others.


The journey of parenting is an adventure. It’s more uphill because you have to teach toddlers how to express their emotions. You can overcome it with patience and confidence. You can do it if you remember this list of AEIOUs, wear the sunglasses of compassion, and remain calm as you carry your toddler’s backpack. Here is the summit of happy parenting!

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