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Maximizing Your Productivity: The Power of Time Blocking

I am always looking for ways to simplify my daily life. Whether it is the latest organizing trick or a quick and easy meal for the family, I enjoy finding new ways to do so. I’m always searching for ways to simplify my mother journey. I am always happy to share my latest tips and tricks with you!

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Multitasking has been said to be impossible. Let me give you an idea, it’s not entirely true!

While we are doing something else, moms can do their daily tasks in a variety of ways. I helped my kids do their homework while making dinner. While I was paying bills, I let my children play in the shower while I did so.

When it comes to important things, it’s impossible to multitask. When I am dealing with important issues, like this one, I use a time-blocking system. I organize and create space to focus.

Today, I’m going to show you how to manage your time and get your life under control. Time blocking is a great way to manage your day, no matter what stage of motherhood you’re in.

Why time blocking?

I know that our mother days can be filled with distractions. These days can be a blur of distractions. The day begins, but you forget the meat that will be served for dinner. You remember that you have to schedule appointments for your children to get their dental work done, but then you are interrupted by your child with something urgent. The list keeps growing and increasing. You realize that you’ve been doing so many other things, you haven’t even finished your daily to-do.

The mom life is a chaotic whirlwind!

Time blocking helps us be more deliberate about how we spend our day. You can avoid distractions and when they happen, you can quickly get back on track. You can use time blocking to accomplish your daily or weekly tasks. You will be surprised at how much you accomplished when you review your week on Friday.

You can accomplish your goals by blocking out time to complete your tasks and find the time you need for what matters most.

What is time blocking?

Scheduling your day into chunks is called time blocking. You can use a set amount of time for focusing on a single task or completing several tasks.

You can decide how many blocks of time you want to have in a given day and for how long. Some people group tasks that are similar together and time block by the hour. I, for example, have a morning block from 6:00 AM to 9:30AM that I enjoy. During this period, I get ready, prepare dinner, get my kids ready for the day, and work out. From 9:30 AM to 12:30 AM, I work on writing, answering emails and creating content.

It is possible that your time blocks may not be the exact same each day. Every day may be different. Your time block will most likely look different if you have daily obligations, kids’ activities, and other things.

Where Do You Begin?

It all depends on the level of detail you desire. You can break down your schedule into smaller blocks of time or larger chunks using a number of different things. You can schedule specific times of the day when you are sure you will be able to focus on your goals.

How to get started

  1. Grab your calendar and to-do lists, or any other lists you use to plan and organize your mother world. Don’t forget to grab a pen!
  2. You can download the printables that I made to get you started. Download my three printables by clicking the links below.
    1. Weekly To-Do List
    2. Moms daily schedule
    3. Today’s Plan
  3. You can use the printables below to get started.

Tips for Helping You

Here are some tips that helped me get started with time block.

1. Use Your Phone

Set an alarm on your phone so you’ll know when it’s time to move onto the next block. Set it up a few minutes earlier to let you know that your timeblock is about to end.

2. Do not overfill your time block

Don’t fill your time slot with more than what you can actually do in that time period. This can lead to frustration.

3. You can adjust the time blocks as necessary

If necessary, you can adjust your time block. You might not have to run errands in the time slot you set aside for errands. You can use that time to do something else. Perhaps you could check off another item on your list, or connect with a friend or family member.

4. Schedule downtime, fun-time, and you-time.

Schedule in You-Times, Down-Times, and Fun-Times! We can easily become overwhelmed by all we have to do. But moms need their me-times too. It’s important to take time out for yourself. Whether it is downtime, fun time or both, this can help you get back on track. Even after some self-care, you feel more motivated!

5. If You Don’t Complete

You can move the task to another time block if you run out of time and cannot finish it in that block. It is important to do this if you have a time-sensitive task that needs to be completed on the same day.

You want to feel as if you have time for yourself and your family. You can change and adjust your time blocking according to the way you see your day or week.

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