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Quality Time with Your Kids: 15 Free and Enjoyable Activities

Parents needn’t feel embarrassed; at one time or another we have all had to resort to searching online for fun and free activities for our children when we run out of ideas to keep them occupied. Finding activities our kids will actually enjoy can often prove a difficult feat!

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Thank goodness our wallets don’t need to be empty in order for our kids to have fun. There are countless free activities you can do with them at home or outdoors that won’t drain their savings account! Check out these super fun 15 free ideas with your kids.

1. Head to the Playground
This was one of my go-to activities when my children were younger, and they never got tired of going to the playground. You can mix things up by exploring various playgrounds in your town or nearby towns too.

2. Take advantage of an indoor playground

Never let inclement weather dampen your children’s fun! Visit an indoor play area at your local mall or IKEA; some fast food restaurants also feature play areas; but whatever you decide, make it an outdoor trip filled with adventure for everyone involved!

3. Get Arty
There is a world of creative arts and crafts out there – especially online. You can visit stores to buy supplies or use items around your house as art supplies – toilet paper rolls can even make some wonderful projects!

4. Host a Game Night
Game nights can be loads of fun! From board to card games, there are tons of ways you can engage with others through game play. Invite some friends over for an unforgettable evening!

5. Sing Your Heart Out
Engage in a singalong or lip sync battle night. Search online for instrumental versions of songs with lyrics available online and make an event out of it!

6. Attend a free in-store event

There are various retail stores that host events for children. You may find free events for them at places such as Barnes & Noble Storytime, Michaels, Joanns, The Home Depot or Lowe’s.

7. Visit a Splash Pad Park

On a hot day, splash pads provide the perfect way to cool off. Additionally, creating your own version in your own backyard could also work!

8. Host Your Own Movie Night
Take time out of your day and plan a family movie night at home, complete with popcorn and snacks of everyone’s choosing! Watch some of your and the kiddo’s favourite flicks together.

9. Go Skating
There are various skating rinks that offer free skating sessions to children on certain days through their Kids Skate Free program, but others may charge rental costs if your children do not own their own skates.

10. Try Out A Science Project
There are tons of exciting science projects online you can try with the kids at home – an engaging learning opportunity!

11. Create a Scrapbook
Enjoy an activity together while building memories together by making scrapbooks together and looking back through photos taken of those shared moments together.

12. Host Your Own Field Day
Field days don’t just happen at school; you can create your own version with your children at home too! From potato sack races with pillowcases, to tug of war using jump ropes.

13. Create a Time Capsule
Accumulate items related to today, such as newspaper clippings or journal entries from now, personalized mementos and any special moments from now until decades from now when you will open it again and discover everything inside it! Seal everything tightly inside an airtight container before burying it somewhere for later discovery.

14. Organise your own talent show

Make an impressionful statement about your children by hosting a talent show with them and inviting family, friends, and neighbors to witness or participate.

15. Get Outside
Take your kids outside for some outdoor play on sunny days to blow bubbles, draw sidewalk chalk designs and play tag games – there’s plenty of free entertainment right outside your door!

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