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Avoiding Costly Errors: 5 Common Money Mistakes to Watch Out for at Warehouse Stores

Costco is my favorite place to shop!

It’s a great place to shop for a large family.

You can save money by shopping at warehouse stores such as Costco or Sam’s Club. These stores have many tricks to make you overspend.

Be sure to read the following tricks before you go to Costco and Sam’s Club. They will entice you into overspending.

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Warehouse Stores: 5 ways you might be overspending!

1. Bulk Purchases

You might have heard that buying in bulk at warehouse stores will save you money, but this is not always true.

Some items are a great deal, while others may not be.

If you decide to purchase something from a warehouse, you should do the math in order to determine the unit price. Compare that price with what you’d pay in another store to find out the total price of your purchase.

2. Free Samples

Free samples are always a great perk when I shop at Costco. This is a great perk to enjoy when you shop at warehouse stores.

Did you know that they give away free samples to encourage people to spend more? It is a strategy to get you to spend more.

It has been proven that free samples can influence shoppers to spend more money by making them want to purchase the product they just tried. Studies have shown that stores who offer free samples actually increase their sales by 30%!

3. Using Bigger Shopping Carts

Warehouse stores use large shopping carts. This is not a secret.

Warehouse stores are aware that if you have more room in your cart, then it is likely that you will add more items and spend more.

Next time, be mindful of what you add to your shopping cart!

4. Limited Time

Many shoppers feel pressured to buy an item if it is only available for a short time or during a season.

Prices are usually low, and shoppers find it difficult to resist. A good deal may lead to unplanned spending.

5. Front and Center

The store’s interior is designed strategically. When you enter the store, discounted items will be front and center.

These discount items may lead shoppers to buy more expensive items they don’t need. Keep your head down and avoid impulse purchases by sticking to the outer perimeters of the store.

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