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Boost Your Productivity: 5 Effective Ways to Achieve More

As a mother, we are always occupied with something or someone who needs our attention. You’ve probably felt this way in your mom life, as the days pass quickly. You’re left wondering where the day went.

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Dinnertime is fast approaching. From getting kids ready for school, to doing household chores and more, there’s a lot of work. We moms have a lot to do and we can get overwhelmed and lose our joy.

You can find more time and get more done with some simple tricks. You can get more done by getting your daily tasks completed, while still spending time with your family once a week.

1. Get Organized & Plan Ahead

A planner was the best thing I ever did to organize my family’s life. I bought a planner with weekly and monthly goals, as well as to-do list.

Setting realistic goals helped me prioritize my goals and to-do lists. When I had the most strength, I could complete my list and achieve my goals. Morning was my best time to accomplish this task, as I had other things on my schedule for the day or was ready to relax by afternoon.

2. Use the 20-Minute rule

You might have 20 minutes extra in your day. Set the timer to 20 minutes, and then use the remaining minutes to complete as many tasks as possible. Stop when the timer rings. Set the timer to another 20 minutes, and then do something that you enjoy. You can alternate 20-minute periods until your break is over. For example, when you have to pick up the kids from school or drive them to their activities.

The 20-minute rule will help you to be more productive and get more done.

3. Delegate effectively

We moms find it difficult to delegate tasks to others! We are the keeper of the home and are used to having control over many things. It can be mentally exhausting to be the keeper of everything and have control over it all.

We must learn to let go of the past and delegate tasks to our family members. You can delegate to your partner and children. This is a good way to teach your children how to perform some household chores. You can divide them into small tasks and reward them when they complete them.

4. Make Extra Meals

You can start by making extra meals for your children to get more done in your mother life. Plan your meals and create your shopping list one week at a given time. You can freeze extra meals for future family meals.

5. Family Time is Important.

Scheduling family time every week is one of the things that I keep in my calendar. This helps us to focus on the most important things in our family, which is spending time together and developing relationships.

We try to set aside a family time each week. Pick a weekday that everyone can agree on. If you do it at the same time each week, it makes it easier to plan your other activities.

My family enjoys family time by doing activities that everyone can participate in. You can do anything from playing games, to having a move night, to taking a walk with your family. You can do many activities as a whole family. You can brainstorm some ideas together to help you get an idea about what you could all do when you have family time.

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