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Tips for Strengthening Your Marriage While Preparing for a Baby

You’ll have so many happy moments ahead of you. It’s easy to focus solely on the baby. But you and your partner cannot forget each other. Keep in touch and support each other.

You can follow some guidelines and suggestions, but as a couple you will have to find out what works for you. Keep an open dialog about everything that is happening and put each other in the forefront. Keep your marriage strong while planning for a child.

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Together Educate yourself

Knowledge is the best weapon against fear. Start reading about the 12 week pregnancy to learn what to expect. Find out about the size and development of your baby, as well as how your body is changing and what symptoms you can expect. You’ll feel more relaxed and at ease if you know more about the stages of pregnancy. This should lighten your mood and reduce tension between you two.

Plan Date Nights

You can still have fun even if you are pregnant. Plan date nights that allow you to reconnect with your partner and do something fun. You can’t use the excuse that you forgot or didn’t want to do them if they are on your calendar. As you become absorbed in what you are doing, your worries should disappear. Relax, enjoy your time together, and don’t worry about anything else until the baby is born.

Take care of yourself

Treat yourself regularly, whether it is going out separately with the girls or the guys or getting a massage as a couple. It’s a great way of reducing stress, and to remember that you and your happiness are important. Don’t be ashamed to spend money on yourself or your partner. You can plan ahead and make sure you do it. Once your baby is born, you will be grateful that you planned ahead.

Share your concerns

Open up and discuss your worries. Lay it all out at the dinner table or weekend. Discuss each stressor and why it bothers you. Then brainstorm ways or solutions to handle it together. Discuss your worries about marriage and the upcoming baby. This quiet time is an opportunity to support each other during a busy, but exciting time.

Share Responsibility

Do not put all the responsibility on one person. List the tasks that each person will be responsible for and decide what to include on their list. Discuss priorities and work together to sort the list from most important to least. You’ll both feel more confident about getting everything done if you divide the tasks. It will also make you feel closer to each other.

Focus on the Positives

Negativity, and having a negative attitude can make it a difficult time for both of you. This is supposedly a special occasion for all involved. Spend your energy and time on the good things in your life. Share your gratitude and talk about it every day. You’ll face obstacles and roadblocks but you shouldn’t let that stop you from remembering the things you really care about and what you can look forward to. Encourage each other to maintain an positive outlook by checking in periodically.


It’s a big thing to know that a child is on its way. You may feel anxious at times. Do not let your worries or concerns interfere with the development of a strong marriage. You’re both in it together, and nothing will stop you from surviving this as a loving couple. Here’s how to maintain your marriage when you are planning a child.

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