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Maintaining a Strong Marriage While Raising Children: Tips and Strategies

Love. Marriage. Kids.

Three words that can alter your life. You have probably experienced similar ups and downs. They have dictated every thought and action you take. Making your marriage work can be difficult, or you may feel that everything is going wrong.

Both of you were probably in a good spot. You’ve probably both been in a good place. You will also have moments when you are in a bad situation together. You’ve probably both noticed that there is a pattern to what you do in your relationship and what makes you feel good.

You are a stronger couple because of all the hard work that you put in. After we had children, these 4 things helped strengthen my marriage with my husband. Our partnership is still strengthened by it.

1. Communication

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I cannot stress this enough in any relationship–communication is absolutely the most important thing in your relationship. Communication can sometimes be difficult, but it is important to overcome these barriers.

Discuss everything. Talk about things that upset or bother you. Discuss why you feel that way. Discuss the things you like about each other. Discuss your feelings about intimacy.

Discuss your parenting style, especially if planning to or already have children. Every parent has a different parenting style and a different alternative in mind. As situations change, try to discuss them.

Talk to each other. It doesn’t matter if you have tired eyes or if they are heavy.

2. Intimacy

It is vital to maintain intimacy with your partner. You need to maintain intimacy in your marriage after having children. This will also help you when both of you are stressed. Give it top priority, work towards it, and spend intimate moments with your partner whenever possible.

3. Battles

Pick your battles. You don’t have to fight every battle. It is up to you to decide whether or not to raise your voice. There are arguments that should be discussed and resolved.

4. Adventures

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Never give up on your adventures. Take a family trip. In fact, bring your children too! Find small adventures to add to your everyday life. You can have adventures nearby, such as visiting your local city or town.

You should schedule dates regularly. You can have a date every two weeks or just a few nights per month. You can spice things up by going out to dinner or a movie instead. Check out our Cheap Dates for Couples

What have you done to keep your marriage strong after having a child? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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