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Revamp Your Fridge with These 10 Handy Organization Hacks

You can find out how to do it here. The Bermuda Triangle of your home is likely to be the refrigerator. The fridge is a place where everything gets lost!

It’s worth the time to organize and clean up your fridge. We spend so much money and time at the supermarket every week. Keep your fridge organized to keep you sane. It will also help you avoid wasting food that you can’t find or have forgotten.

These 10 organization hacks will help you to keep your fridge organized and you’ll know what you need the next time you shop for groceries!

1. Label Everything

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Labeling everything and having it in a specific place is the best way to stay organized. Masking tape can be used to label leftovers. You can do this as many times as needed.

2. Stack it Up

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You can get a better idea of your stock by stacking everything. The lazy Susan is a great addition to the top shelf of condiments. It’s easy to reach and lets you know that you still have the condiments instead of them disappearing into a background.

3. Use plastic containers

Plastic containers are a great way to separate your fruit and vegetables. This way, you can easily see what you already have and what you will need to buy next time.

4. Add More Space

You can add an extra shelf and drawer to your fridge, especially if it is smaller. You can add a small shelf made of plastic or metal on top of an existing one.

5. Hang Bottles

Install metal wiring in your refrigerator to hold bottles. Magnets can be used to hold the bottles at the top your refrigerator.

6. Color Code It

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Organize your refrigerator by color. This is so colorful!

7. Binder Clips

Binder clips can be used when there is not enough space. Clip open food bags to close them and create more space.

8. Egg cartons can be reused.

Fill an egg carton with your favorite condiments to get every last drop.

9. Use suction baskets

Use suction baskets when packing to prevent the small items from being lost.

10. Keep Track

Keep track of your fridge contents with a dry-erase board. Keep track of expiring items, leftovers and what you need to buy on your next grocery trip. You can also add your weekly meals.

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